Ms. Kurebayashi was first fascinated by horses when she was 7 years old. She has since been working with horses as her creative motif to be close to them (Owning a real horse is not a realistic option). As time went by, her artistic objective became clearer- to express the real beauty of horses. When she was a student, her life revolved around going to school in Tama Art University and an equestrian club. The Yuzen Dye, the technique Ms. Kurebayashi employs,is a hand-painted dye technique known for it’s mysterious luster, which is created when silk is dyed. Her keen visual insights and horse’ s vitality combine to give her works uniqueness unlike any other horse-themed artworks.

Aiko Kurebayashi

– Graduated from Tama Art University (Major: Dyeing and Weaving, Dept. of Design)
– Graduated from Tama Art University GraduateSchool (Dept. of Design)
– Tried as an assistant trainer at an equestrian club to study the habits of horses.
– Has been riding horses since 1980.
– Exhibition credits include Museum of Tokyo, New National Museum of Art and Kyoto Cultural Museum, A Harness Shop of Mitsukoshi-department store (*solo exhibition) among others.
– Participated in exhibitions sponsored by JRA (Japan Racing Association – Horse race governing body) and JRL (Japan Racing and Livestock Promotion Foundation).
– Designs logo marks for equestrian clubs and shops.
– Designs and sells horse-themed greeting cards. (This sentence extracted from NY Coo Gallery’s web site.)

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  • Aiko Kurebayashi
  • Aiko Kurebayashi
  • Aiko Kurebayashi
  • Aiko Kurebayashi
  • Aiko Kurebayashi
  • Aiko Kurebayashi

Horse Yuzen dyeing artist: Aiko Kurebayashi Until the completion of "Rising Sun"